Cohen – Poster – Post 7

This was a poster used to promote Snoop Dogg’s second studio album, Tha Doggfather. I thought this design was really effective because it immediately makes our brain associate this poster with another familiar image. This was something that Darren talked about in class — taking something we are familiar with and adding a twist to it. In this case, the creator of the poster wanted people to remember the original poster for the movie The Godfather.

As you can see, the same style was transferred from one to the other. In both posters, the edges of the person’s body and face are darkened to create a somber mood. And the dress clothes are maintained to illustrate the importance of the person being shown. Snoop Dogg has his attire flipped, however. He is wearing a black shirt with a white tie instead of the white button down and the black bow tie used in the movie poster. Though the fonts are not exactly the same, they are similar. And our brain could certainly envision the font Snoop Dogg uses as the original font from the movie if we weren’t 100 percent familiar with it. The designer plays off our brain’s ability to associate familiar images very well.

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  1. Posted by gsyellin on March 28, 2011 at 11:07 PM

    I agree with your assessment of this poster, I like how the designer used a pop culture reference that most people are familiar with (The Godfather) and applied to Snoop’s album cover. I also like that the play on words in the title is emulated in the design of the poster, it provides for a single, clear message.


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