Dong- Post 7

Along with Twilight, True Blood is one of my favorite vampire series. And this poster interests me even more due to its distinctive color usage and alignment of the title. With two major elements, blood drop and sharp canine on the left, depict that this TV series is all about the vampire. As Darren pointed out, the blood drop leads the viewers’ eyes to the bottom where the main title and the information are placed. And by putting the word ‘True’ and ‘Blood’ very closely, the main title creates the tension. In addition, the color contrast between red and pale skin(background of the poster) accentuate the vivid image of the vampire. This also proves Darren’s idea of using extreme color contrast to create vivid image. And by matching color of  lip color, blood drop, word ‘Blood’, and logo of HBO, this poster is not losing its consistency on overall concept. And at the same time, it is using the minimum number of colors to keep the poster simple as possible, which is Darren’s favorite. Furthermore, this poster creates a perfect letter hierarchy with the size of the main title, information, and copy sentence.


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  1. Posted by gushlaw11 on March 30, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    This poster definitely makes you look twice. At first you just think it is a woman on a poster, but then when you really look at it, you see the teeth and the blood running down her mouth. The light, almost transparent skin, makes the red of the lips and the title pop out of the poster and makes it seem even more eerie. The poster provided continuity within itself by using the same color red for the lips the blood in the title and HBO at the bottom of the poster as well. I also agree that the hierarchy about whats important is really good for this TV series.


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