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While watching television to kill some time before class, a commercial came on promoting The Lion King on Broadway. I saw this musical about ten years ago with my family and since then no other show has compared to it in my opinion. The poster suits the show perfectly with the coloring, boldness of the typeface/visuals, and tone it gives off. This poster is very simple which goes along with what Darren stresses in class often in regards to our various projects. The more simple it is, the easier it is for the audience to find it memorable and eye-catching. The golden background color goes along with the color lions are, who happen to be the star characters of the show. The golden tint also can represent the savannah and endless hours of hot sun the animals of Africa endure each day while living in that environment. The one big visual of the geometric/sketched lion head is very bold and can be associated easily with the musical. Whenever I see that lion visual, I immediately correspond it with The Lion King. The eyes of the lion can go along with the idea of the “lion king’ watching over the whole kingdom as Mufasa did and Simba later continued. The red Disney logo makes it known to the audience that it is a Disney production. The title of the musical, “The Lion King,” stands out in black blocky lettering that resembles the loud and powerful vibe the rest of the poster expresses. The red underlining emphasizes each word while the red typeface underneath the title reinforces how good of a show it is by stating the claim that it is “Broadway’s award-winning best musical.” Overall, I find this poster to be a huge success and captures an audience of all ages to enjoy a show everyone can understand and fall in love with.


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  1. Posted by Stephanie on March 29, 2011 at 9:07 AM

    I also really like this poster. It’s a story that nearly everyone is familiar with. Audiences know what to expect, so really all the poster has to do is show you a picture of a lion and we get it. We know the show. The bright yellow is appropriate because it gives that savannah-y feel, which brings you into the setting of the story. Even the typeface is appropriate and helps set the mood of the show. Having seen the Broadway show, I know it is so fantastic, so astounding that the poster doesn’t need to be flashy or spectacular. I think this great, audiences know what they’re getting into.


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