Jacquez – Post 7

I love the Apple iPod posters. They are extremely simple in design, but still say a lot. The use of the white headphones draws the eye down and across, so that we are pointed to the most important parts of the poster. Although it’s not a Z shape, it still works the same way. It draws the eye down to the iPod, which everyone recognizes, and then down again to the text. The use of the green is poerfect because it isn’t not too warm or too cold of a color. The basic black shadow of a person is a good way to just keep it simple and still interesting. Overall, I think these ads are awesome and they exude excitement and music.


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  1. Posted by leigho14 on March 29, 2011 at 9:30 PM

    I completely agree with the above post in regards to the Apple iPod poster campaign. These posters are so easily recognizable and when one sees them, they instantly think Apple. The background is bright and vibrant which goes along perfectly with the mood and feeling the poster is trying to give off with the silhouette of a girl rocking out to her music. The bold colors and visual draws the attention of the audience into what it is all about. The white headphones help lead the audience’s eyes to the device being promoted which is the iPod. The white color helps it stand out amongst the rest of the poster. This poster is very simple but displays a lot of power and expression. I love these posters because it just makes you want to be that girl rocking out.


  2. Posted by meganmill on March 29, 2011 at 11:41 PM

    I also love this iPod campaign! The simplicity of the design works wonders. Although certain characteristics and style are displayed, the people have almost a lack of identity. This allows us to relate a little more to these images than to an exact picture of some other person. We can place ourselves within the variations of characters they created for he posters of this campaign.


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