Bouvia- Magazine- post 9

I like this magazine cover for many reasons. First of all, the colors they used are really pretty and play off of Courtney Cox’s eyes. The blue title for the magazine is pulled from the color of her dress and then they chose lighter blues to compliment it, and I think it works very nicely. It’s an interesting shot of Courtney in that it exposes her shoulder and part of her back (it’s sexy but not too sexy since this is a women’s magazine.) They also use a number of different typefaces which all work really nicely together. Ultimately, this cover would catch my eye, which makes it a successful cover.


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  1. Posted by idong814 on April 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    I agree with you where they pulled blue out from her beautiful eyes and dress. I love how they used variation of blue for titles. Also different typefaces goes along together very well and that gives us an excuse to use more than two typefaces on one page by not breaking not consistency. Except for one part where they used yellow color is less readable than other titles. Maybe they are not as important as other titles.


  2. Posted by leigho14 on April 14, 2011 at 12:59 AM

    The cover of this magazine blends well and combines together perfectly as one graphic with varied shades of blue and the feminine feel it gives off. Marie Claire is a women’s magazine. The title’s typeface is lower-case giving it more of a relaxed yet elegant feel to it. The blue is calming and matches well with Courtney Cox’s dress, along with the other headliners included on the cover. Topics such as fashion, hair, and skin (the major bolded captions) emphasize feminine topics that would attract their geared target audience. I feel this magazine did a great job of expressing itself perfectly to the type of audience they are trying to lure.


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