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Honestly, I choose this magazine cover for James Franco, but also for the color choice of the magazine.The magazine cover mainly used red and white for the font and the title. The red color captures my attention on the first sight and together with the white color smoother the fierce tone of red a little bit. Although the text color did not match any color on James Franco’s outfit; hoever, it blends in to the background smoothly. The picture of James Franco works out nicely to capture the audience’s attention by using a close-up shot. The san sarif font was used all the away for all headlines. It creates a casual feeling, however with the suits that James Franco wearing, it also gives the magazine a little mix of sophistication.


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  1. Posted by meganmill on April 12, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    I agree and love the cover because of James Franco! Although I guess the cover was also designed well..Haha. I enjoy the bold quality of the magazine’s name: GQ. It stands out and really sets the personality of the magazine. I really focused on how the header was big, and connected to the “Our big style issue” headline. It is easy to notice that the smaller headlines are all of the highlighted stories within the magazine. The color was used well. Good Design.


  2. GQ definitely does a good job with having their designs appeal to a male demographic. The bold colors and typefaces are definitely more masculine than what you typically see featured on the covers of women’s fashion magazines. Their logo immediately stands out because it is a very bold, sans-serif and actually goes over the picture instead of hiding behind it. Also, their use of black, white and red as the only typeface colors make them stand out even more, especially against the neutral colors in the photo of James Franco. I definitely feel like this magazine is one that “yells” for attention on the newsstand because of the typefaces and colors used.


  3. Posted by gsyellin on April 12, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    I agree with your assessment of this GQ magazine cover. The picture they chose of James Franco is a clean cut one, as opposed to what he looked like in Pineapple Express, and the rest of the design feeds off that. Everything under the title is gridded and in order. The headline for the James Franco story is the biggest on the big page but not significantly bigger than the any of the others, which is good because the picture of Franco draws enough attention to the article.


  4. Posted by Stephanie on April 12, 2011 at 5:13 PM

    I also like this cover. Mostly because of James Franco. No, but I think GQ consistently does a good job at emulating a masculine feel. It’s very classy looking, very masculine. The columns with the different headlines don’t crowd Franco’s face. It looks really clean.


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