Cohen – Post 9 – Cover


I think this cover is very effective. It appeared in 1997 — a year in which the Bulls won the NBA title. The main reason I think this cover works is because of how well the display head plays off of the photo. In the photo, we see Michael Jordan clutching the NBA championship trophy. He won six titles with the Bulls in the 1990s. With him holding the trophy, the words “the Jordan Dynasty” — as a proper noun, no less — become more effective. He holds the trophy, so it’s his dynasty. It works very well. Similarly, the red used to spell out Sports Illustrated plays very well of the red on the Bulls’ uniforms. And the white for the display head connects to the white on his jersey. It’s also interesting to note that there is no other text on the cover. In the time between when this cover was published to the present, Sports Illustrated has added a lot of text on its covers. It is no more similar to the examples we saw in class.


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