Vogue cover always fascinates me. I love usage of serif typeface on letter ‘Vogue’. The typeface gives vogue as sophisticated, edgy, and classy feeling to magazine. Cover girl Blake Lively matches perfectly with those images. Her elegant curvy hair, beautiful lip color, and her outfit fits the feeling of this sophisticated magazine. And I love how the designer pulled out her lip color and applied to titles of articles and on top left corner. The article titles goes nicely along with the curves of Blake lively’s hair and body. And those letters are all readable, even though they used a lot of colors on letters and it has colorful background.


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  1. Posted by cchou03 on April 12, 2011 at 7:18 PM

    Just by look at the picture, i immediately relate this issue to the spring issue. The picture is well chosen and the color exactly portraits the spring atmosphere. As you mentioned, i aslo noticed the font color matches lip color, which gives the cover a consistency.


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