Musacchio – Magazine – Post 9

I really like this cover of Billboard, because it’s so different–especially for them. They usually have a very standard layout with the Billboard logo, some article titles and a basic picture of an artist or figure in the music industry. However, this cover turns everything upside down (literally). Although RedOne is a popular producer, many people may not know who he is. I think turning him upside down makes people take a second look. This tactic works with someone who may not make people look twice if their image was just displayed normally. Also, Billboard doesn’t depend on his image alone to sell magazines. They have a lot of other recognizable names featured on the cover, using typography to draw people in. While there is a lot of typography (and that can be overwhelming) I think it works here. They stick to one, sleek sans-serif typeface and two colors: black and red, an obvious nod to the producer’s name. The plain white background also helps offset everything going on. I can imagine fitting all of this text on the cover in an appealing way is very difficult, but I think Billboard pulls it off by keeping everything else very simple.


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  1. Posted by gsyellin on April 12, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    I agree with you about this cover. I really like its unconventional style. I like the idea of doing something different to catch the eye of a passerby if the person featured on the cover does not do so by himself. I like how they stayed with sans serif typefaces but my only concern would be that this looks a little cluttered and may inhibit anything from jumping out at you.


  2. Posted by Stephanie on April 12, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    I definitely think this would catch someone’s eye. However, I think the design fails in making the cover overwhelming, I could see why someone would not want to buy this magazine. Yes, it is interesting, and I like how they made certain words or names larger than others, but it is a lot of text. Ultimately, I like this cover, I think it’s unique, but I could see why some people wouldn’t want to read it.


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