Ortman-Magazine-Post 9

I love skimming across the cover of Vanity Fair every month when I see the newest issue displayed in stores. Vanity Fair always manages to remain classy, sophisticated, and poised no matter what the cover story is. The sans serif typeface for the title of Vanity Fair is bold and catches the attention of the reader, especially in this edition with the purple color going along with the purple shawl Gisele is wearing. The image is perfect for the specific theme of the issue of the magazine. With Gisele being a major supermodel in Hollywood, it is very suiting to have her displayed coming out of a limousine for the Style Issue of Vanity Fair that year. Gisele is a major fashion icon and oozes style and sex appeal. Her dress is very glamourous which goes alongside the serif fonts displayed for the captions for that more sophisticated and professional feel. Vanity Fair will always represent classic Hollywood style and glamour.


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  1. Posted by ssadkows on April 13, 2011 at 11:12 PM

    I really like this cover. The colors look really great together, and although there is a mix of serif and sans serif font, I agree that the classiness and sophistication is maintained. I love that the angle of the limo gives a direction for all of the copy on the magazine. Overall, I think this is a unique and eye-catching cover!


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