Gushlaw – Post 9 – Magazine

This magazine is one of my favorites and it is usually the sans serif typeface for the title, Entertainment Weekly gives a more laid back feel and it is in a teal color that complements the other colors used in the cover. The actress’ yellow dress gives bright colors to the cover and looks really good with the teal. In class we talked about how yellow shouldn’t be used in covers, but it is a different shade and has other hues in it as well so it works. The actual picture is very eye catching because of all of their success at the Oscars and the words on the cover don’t touch the picture and leave the perfect amount of space in each direction.  It captures the glamor of the Oscars without being cliche and using a picture from the event. Also it will draw in different crowds because of the Best and Worst Dressed and Project Runway on the cover.


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