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The Magazine:

I created this perfect-bound magazine for women ages 18-30. I wanted it to be a classier fashion magazine (similar to Vogue, but less high-end) that focuses on women’s health in terms of both physical health and mental health. There is no mention of sex on the cover, no “how to please your man in 17 different ways” headlines, like you would see on the cover of “Cosmopolitan” magazine. I kept my headlines true to what my magazine is about.

The cover:


Grid: 6-column grid

            Typefaces: All of the headlines (including the name of the magazine) are a variant of the Gill Sans typeface family. The only thing that differs is Rihanna’s name, that is Antique Olive Std. I like the Gill Sans font because it’s very easy to read and has a lot of variants such as light, bold, etc. I made Rihanna’s name a different typeface because she is the main story of the magazine, so I felt it would draw attention to her.

            Colors: I took the red color directly from Rihanna’s hair. I used white because I think it complimented the tan background and it’s easy to read because it’s a light color over a darker background. I also used black because it’s easy to read and it broke up with white and red.

The Opening Spread:


            Grid: 2-column grid (4 columns all together)

Typefaces: Deck head and byline/photo credit are variants of Gill Sans Std. The title of the article is Antique Olive Std.

Colors: I took the red in the actual word ‘red’ from Rihanna’s hair color. I used white because her shirt is white, so it correlates with picture, and I used black for the deck head because it’s easy to read. I outlines the photo in a dark red, which is the same red used in the jump spread. It makes the photo look a little larger and it ties the opening spread to the jump spread by the continuation of that red line.

Title: I chose to angle and place the title the way it is because it mimics the angle and shape that Rihanna’s legs are creating in the picture. It is also interesting to look at and it’s unique.

Deck head: I had the words within the deck head aligned right and coming down in an angle because it reinforces the angle that the title of the article is creating.

Byline: I lined the author’s name and the photographer’s name above/beneath the horizon line created by the photo. This was a better choice then lining both names up next to each other because it avoids creating visual tension with her foot in the photo, and again, it’s interesting to look at.

The jump spread:

            Grid: I used a two-column grid for my jump spread story because I like the look of a two-column grid, it’s less crowded than a three-column grid. The columns also justify easier when there are only two of them, so the text does not get drawn out or spaced in a way that I don’t want it to. This is easy to read, easy to follow.


            Margins: Top, Inside & Outisde: 3p0

Bottom: 4p0

I gave a little more room on the bottom to make sure I had adequate space for my folio.


Main article: The article is Perpetua Std. It is a serif font and it’s easy to read, even when small. It’s 10 pt. font with 12 pt. leading.

Sidebar: headline: Arial, 24 pt. font, article: Arial, 9.5 font, 11.5 pt leading

Folio: Gill Sans Std, 10 pt. font

Photo credits: Gill Sans Std, 7.5 pt. font

Captions: Gill Sans, 10 pt. font, 12 pt. leading

Pull quote: Gill Sans, 20 pt. font, 24 pt. leading

I kept my typefaces consistent throughout the entire magazine to help create a brand or a look that readers would affiliate with the magazine.

            Side bar: I used a shade of red for the background swatch of my sidebar story to continue my red theme, and then I picked a lighter tint so that the black font over it could be easily read. I chose a 3-column grid for this story to differentiate it from the main story. Everyone who knows Rihanna knows about her struggle with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and the abuse she endured, so I thought that would be a good sidebar story.


            Photo choice: Every photo I used (with the exception of the sidebar photo) has the color red in it. I took special care and interest to make sure the red theme was carried out throughout the entire story, from the title of the article to the photos.

The sidebar photo works because originally I was going to choose the picture that was taken of Rihanna right after she was physically assaulted by Chris Brown. However I thought it was too graphic for the kind of magazine I wanted this to be, so I thought the picture of her in court with her lawyer, testifying against Mr. Brown worked much better.


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  1. Posted by meganmill on April 19, 2011 at 11:54 AM

    Awesome job. You really coordinated your color scheme and layout with the images. The red of Rhianna’s hair really stands out and sets a tone. I also love the opening spread. The angle of “Lady In” works really well. It looks like a real magazine spread!


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