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Cristine Jacquez


Project 4: Magazine (



FIERCE magazine is aimed at young women ages 18-25 that are interested in the Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop music genres, but only features women in these arenas. In addition to the musical aspect, the magazine is a lifestyle magazine, so it incorporates the lifestyle of Hip-Hop/Pop by adding fashion and style guides as well. The magazine aims to highlight what is happening in the Hollywood scene currently with well-known celebrities in that arena. The magazine aims to incorporate the fashion and styles seen on the celebrities and convey this to the reader. By interviewing both up and coming artists and well-known artists, the magazine is well rounded and always fresh, new and interesting in their perspectives.

Design Strategy:

I wanted to make the front cover as simple, yet bold as possible. I chose to use Impact font in order to convey the ‘bold’ message for the name of my magazine, FIERCE. At first I was unsure if I wanted to add headlines, but it looked it a bit plain so I decided to carefully crop Beyonce and add text where it looked the least cluttered. The biggest issue I had was designing my jump spread.  I knew that I wanted to juxtapose two images of Beyonce; her Sasha Fierce persona and her down-to-Earth persona. However, putting the images on the page was difficult because they were placed on facing spreads, which left awkward spacing in the middle for the deckhead and by lines.

Style Sheet:

Title of Mag: Impact, 158 pt. Tracking – 180

Headline 1: The Many – 24pt. Tracking -20 Beyonce – Wendy, 60 pt.

Headline 2: Impact, 24 pt. Tracking – 20

Headline 3: Impact 24 pt. Tracking – 20

Deckhead: Beyonce – Wendy, 100 pt. Vs. – Impact, 65 pt. Sasha Fierce, 80 pt. Tracking 10

By Lines: Futura STD, 18 pt. Wendy 18 pt. Flyer STD 18 pt.

Body Text: Arial Round Bold, 11 pt.

Side Bar Body Text: Americana STD, 9.8 pt.

Side Bar Header: Wendy, 48 pt.

Folios: Impact, 11 pt. Tracking 40


Cover: Top – 9.2844 in Right – 16.521 in Left – 8.5 in

Cover Story: Top – 1.3832 in. Left – 5p5.6 Right – 16.02 in. Bottom- 13in.

Jump: Top Right: 9.6181 in. Right – 16.2798 in

Choice of typefaces: For the title of my magazine I wanted something to exemplify FIERCE, so I chose Impact, which is a sans-serif font that is very thick and bold. It conveyed the message of boldness of the magazine. For the deck-head I wanted to contrast Beyonces two personas, so I used a very girly font that kind of resembles what I imagined her signature from her might be and used Flyer for the Sasha Fierce text, which is her vibrant, full of attitude alter-ego. I used glitter to create a clipping path of the text to add an extra touch of glitz and glamour. For the body text I used Arial because it was easy to read and was dark enough where it stood out on the page.

Margins: List the width of each margin in inches or picas.

Top margin: 3 picas Left margin: 4 picas Right margin: 4 picas (or Outside margins if a spread design) Bottom margin: 5 picas

Visuals: My cover image was found on the MTVPress website, and I simply cropped it out in order to place the image on a white background. I loved the intensity of the image because of the fire and her eye make-up and thought that it perfectly conveyed “FIERCE”. The DPI of the image is 300 pixels per inch. For my jump spread I used two images that I thought perfectly described the two drastic personas of Beyonce. The Sasha Fierce one was taken from a fanpage (coverlandia.net) and I photoshopped it in order to place her on a white background. The DPI is 150. The second image, the more angelic one was taken from socialitelife.com The DPI is 150. The bumble-bee picture and gold picture  was taken from concreteloop.com. The bumble image I converted into a 150 DPI image, but it made the actual smaller. The Beyonce and Jay-z images in the cover story were all taken from a fanpage on flickr.com. The images had DPI’s of 72, which is why I made them small and circular.

The sidebar story description was about Beyonce’s relationship with her husband Jay-z. Although her performing persona, Sasha Fierce, is very extroverted and bold, her actual persona is very down to earth and shy. Her relationship with her husband has been very low-key and I thought that could be an interesting way to contrast her personalities. Her husband knows both sides of her and could speak on both.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by ssadkows on April 20, 2011 at 7:05 PM

    I really like your magazine. I think it was a good use of colors and typefaces. Beyonce looks fantastic in gold and you really utilized that in your design, which I think is really smart. Because your article is a comparison of Beyonce and Sasha Fierce, I think you chose very relevant photos. Good job, it is definitely eye-catching!


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