Sadkowski – Post 10 – Magazine

Susan Sadkowski


Project 4: Magazine

April 19, 2011

Design Strategy

Cover Page:

Title:   When I decided to do an alternative music based magazine, I chose to make the title “Say Yes.”  My best friend has a tattoo that says this because it is a simple way of living.  Being open-minded and inviting experiences is important to us.  I think this reflects my music taste as well, and is especially relevant to the band Radiohead.  Radiohead experiments with different sounds and isn’t afraid to invite difference.  I used the font Inked God for the title, which is a serif font that sort of splatters with different letters. It’s in all capitals, which I like because there are only six letters in the title, so they need to stand out.

Photo:   I found my cover picture on the website  I immediately fell in love with this image because of the colors: they are very neutral and calm.  I also like that the band members are wearing dark sunglasses because it compliments the black font I used for my title.

Headlines:   Because my magazine is alternative, I didn’t want to crowd the cover with tons of headlines – so I stuck with three.  I chose to put my main headline on the bottom right because I could make it bigger and stand out more than the other two.  For all the headlines, I used the same typeface, Champagne and Limousines – a sans serif font.  I used the color of the back wall in the photograph because it gave a good contrast.  Also on the cover, I tried to maintain a vertical grid with the texts.

Jump Spread:

Photo: For the Jump Spread, I found a photograph from the website  I thought it was extremely relevant to my article.  My article is about the vocalist, Thom Yorke, and how his emotions affect the music Radiohead produces.  Since the article gave an interview-feel, I thought this photo was appropriate because they’re all just sitting around a table and Thom has his head in his hand, as if blushing from being in the spotlight.  I slightly feathered the image to the right.  I didn’t want too much feathering because I wanted Thom to be completely visible.  On the right page, I titled the article, The Sulk Behind the Song, because the article was about Thom’s depressing personality and how it creates magic music-wise.

Typefaces:   I used Cold Coffee in the article title, and I chose to use the blue color of the carpet for the writing.  It is neutral but makes the image whole.  I used the Ink God font from the magazine title as my drop cap.  The fonts Inked God and Cold Coffee both have dots around the letters, and although they are different, that aspect brings them together.  Cold Coffee is softer so it looked better as the title of the article.  I used Champagne and Limousines as the font in the article and for the by-line.  I brought the color from the desk and used it for the by-line to continue the unified look of the entire spread. Cold Coffee was used again for my folios.

Folios:   When creating my folios, I decided not to include the month the publication would be released.  I like the look of a short folio because it doesn’t take away from the page.  On the cover it says that it is the May issue, so if necessary, the reader can refer to the cover for that information.  I chose to just write “Say Yes” and the page number.  The folio is only fully listed on the right page of the Jump Spread because of the bleeding image on the other side, and the actual spread had the sidebar and another image, so I only listed the page number on the left side of the spread.


Article:   On the spread, I used the Champagne and Limousines font for the text.  I think it is very simple and readable.  Sans serif is very laid back and I think it suits the avant-garde feel of this magazine.  I used the actual text of the article, however, I had to shorten it by the last two paragraphs because it wouldn’t have fit with the images on this spread.  On the right page, I incorporated a pull-quote.  The quote is something Thom had said in the interview.  It is a very powerful quote.  I placed it in the middle of a paragraph/sentence because that quote summarizes the entire article and I didn’t want it to just be another visual – I wanted to place it correctly.  I wrote it in the Cold Coffee font because it brought that part of the design in, and because it looks cool.  I chose to do three columns per page because there was a lot of text and it looked too bulky with just two; this gave it more edge and is a lot easier/looks more interesting to read.

Photo:   I found a photo of Thom by a wall, and it is sort of animated, on  I chose to place it on the left top corner because it lets the reader know who the article is about right off the bat.  I didn’t align it with the photo on the bottom of the page because that photo is a photo of the band as a whole, and is different than the image of Thom alone.  I felt the need to separate the two.

Sidebar:   For the sidebar, I decided to make it into the shape of a guitar.  This is obviously relevant because the article is about Radiohead, which is a band.  I used Cold Coffee for the title, “Radiohead On: Writing Their First Song,” because I really like the fonts I chose and wanted to incorporate them subtly when possible.  I made the guitar the same color that I used for the cover page headlines.  The sidebar was written in Champagne and Limousines.  I put an animated poster photo I found on on the bottom because Radiohead uses a lot of this kind of imagery – it can be very creepy/weird looking.  I felt that it represented their personality as a band and would be appropriate.

Style Sheet:


Title: Inked God, 113pt, no kerning

Issue: Champagne and Limousines, 12 pt, no kerning

Headlines: Champagne and Limousines, 30/58/35 pt, no kerning

Jump Spread:

Article Title: Cold Coffee, 40pt, no kerning

Drop Cap: Inked God, 15pt, 3 lines, no kerning

Article on Jump Spread: Champagne and Limousines, 16pt, no kerning

By-line: Champagne and Limousines, 13pt, no kerning


Article on Spread: Champagne and Limousines, 10.5pt, no kerning

Pull-Quote: Cold Coffee, 20pt, no kerning

Sidebar Title: Cold Coffee, 15/13.5pt, no kerning

Sidebar Text: Champagne and Limousines, 8.7pt, no kerning


Photo Credits: Champagne and Limousines, 9pt, no kerning

Folio: Cold Coffee, 6pt, no kerning



Top Margin: 2 picas 6

Left Margin: 1 pica 6.9

Right Margin: 1 pica 6.9

Bottom Margin: 4 picas 5.04

Jump Spread:

Top Margin: 2 picas 11.04

Left Margin: 78 picas 4.389

Right Margin: 1 pica 6.9

Bottom Margin: 11 picas 5.85


Top Margin: 2 picas 7.5

Left Margin: 2 picas 10.8

Right Margin: 1 pica 2.4

Bottom Margin: 5 picas 1.2

My magazine is also going to be glued, therefore I have accounted room in my spread for that.



3 responses to this post.

  1. I really like the alternative look and feel of your magazine and how you keep that consistent throughout. I like the typeface you chose for the title and how you used something similar on your opening spread. The muted colors also work really well with the pictures and content of the magazine. Your sidebar also looks great. I like that you used a guitar design instead of just having a rectangle or some other basic shape. Everything’s really consistent from the cover to the opening and jump spreads and ties together the theme of the magazine very well.


  2. Susan, I absolutely love your magazine. I especially like the typefaces you chose. They really set the tone of your magazine, and that stays consistent from page to page. I also like how uncluttered the magazine is. It is easy to follow and appealing to the eye. As someone who doesn’t like to read, it wouldn’t scare me away. The use of white space in the spread is very inviting. I also like the “cool” colors you used, it makes you want to read it without screaming at you, which is very hard to do, but you really mastered that with this design. Overall, I think you did a great job!


  3. Posted by mjcohen13 on April 24, 2011 at 4:18 PM

    I liked your opening spread the best out of the three separate pages. I think the photo is great because it shows the character of the guys just hanging out and having fun. Your typeface choices are awesome throughout. Especially your pull quotes and drop caps. You took advantage of two of the more noticeable elements on a page and inserted a bit of flair. I like it a lot. And of course your guitar cut out for the side bar is excellent. It’s a nice way of making the page flow and draws in the reader very quickly. Nice job!


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