Cohen – Magazine – Post 10


Michael Cohen


Project #4, Magazine

April 21, 2011

Design strategy: The magazine I created, Sports on Campus, is a unique magazine, because it only contains content about college sports. Even though the content of the magazine is very specific, the audience is not as narrowly defined. College sports appeal to people of all ages. In general, the target audience for my publication would be any sports fan that has a specific interest in college sports. Football and basketball are the two most popular – and well covered – college sports, but Sports on Campus would have stories about the less-popular sports as well.

With many sports magazines, the images are what draw people into a story. That said, I used a collage for my main spread. Anything that has a multitude of photos is going to bring the reader’s eyes across the page. The collage is also very effective because every image corresponds to the story, which focuses on 3-point shooting. I found pictures of some of the best shooters in college basketball from this past season.

Another idea that I wanted to reflect in my design is that the season is over, and Connecticut won the national championship. A story on 3-point shooting in the NCAA Tournament is one thing, but because that story was written before the conclusion of the tournament, I wanted to give an update to the readers. Thus, Kemba Walker is on the cover making a 3-point gesture. And later there is a picture of Tyler Olander celebrating the win. That is why the color red is reflected throughout my magazine as well. Kemba Walker’s jersey has a red outline of the letter “U” in UConn, so I tried to carry that through my design with the cover tease, the display head, the pull quote and the drop caps.

Style sheet:

Magazine title: Eurostile LT Std, 48 pt./57.6 pt.; no kerning

Cover text (story teases): Eurostile LT Std, 24pt./28.8, and 36 pt./43.2 pt.; no kerning

Cover cutline: Adobe Garamond Pro, 12 pt./14.4 pt. and Adobe Garamond Pro Bold 12 pt./14.4 pt., no kerning

Display head (#3) and By line: OCR A Std, 155.4 pt./186.5 pt. and 9.0 pt./10.83 pt., no kerning but tracking applied in the by line

Display head (text): Trajan Pro, 48 pt./58 pt. no kerning but tracking applied

Dec head and title of sidebar: ITC Eras Std, 13.5 pt./16.2 pt., no kerning and 24 pt./28.8 pt.

Body copy: Trebucht MS, 9.5 pt./11.4 pt.

Folio: Eurostile LT Std, 9 pt./10.8 pt.

Other cutlines: Trebucht MS, 8 pt./9.6 pt.


The 3-point shot in basketball is a modern concept. With that in mind, I tried to choose type faces that looked modern and appeared almost digital. The No. 3 in the display head and the dec head I think meet this goal perfectly. Then in the rest of the display head the sharp edges of the serifs really make the words stand out. With the body copy, I made sure to choose a typeface that was NOT similar to one you might see in a newspaper. This is a magazine, so the body copy needs to look more relevant to feature stories. I thought the Trebucht really did that. It’s easy to read, yet not reflective of a type writer or computer necessarily.  For the cover, I chose to use Eurostile for the story teases. I really liked how each letter had its own space naturally, without having to insert tracking. It made the words easy to read. Sine there are no serifs, it’s very smooth as well. You wouldn’t want the cover of your magazine being difficult to read. The headlines and stories need to be quick and easy, grabbing your reader with minimal effort on their part. I think I achieved that goal.


Magazine cover

  • Left: 2p3
  • Right: ­­2p0
  • Bottom: 1p8
  • Top: 4p5

Opening spread

  • Left page
    • Full width and length of the page are used
    • Right page
      • Top to display head: 30p0
      • Left to body copy: 8p5
      • Right to body copy: 8p5
      • Bottom up to body copy: 4p5

Jump spread

  • Left page
    • Top to body copy: 3p0
    • Left to body copy: 3p0
    • Right to body copy: 3p0
    • Bottom to body copy: 6p0
    • Right page
      • Top to body copy: 3p0
      • Left to body copy: 3p0
      • Right to body copy: 3p0
      • Bottom to body copy: 5p0



The article I chose to do my project about describes how 3-point shooting has played a big role in this year’s NCAA Tournament. Therefore, I chose to make my sider about how 3-point shooting doesn’t play as big of a role in the women’s tournament. I used a player like Brittney Griner to show that some of the most dominant players in women’s college basketball are interior players. It isn’t as dominated by guards as much as the men’s tournament is. I decided to create a graphic design in illustrator to show the difference between the men’s and women’s 3-point lines. Since the men’s line was just extended within the past two years, I thought this was a great way to show your average reader who might not keep up on rule changes that closely.

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