Cohen – Final Post – 11

This class was very frustrating for me. I had never worked with any of the Adobe programs prior to this class, and from the get-go I never felt like I had enough time to learn them. It seemed like the resume project was thrust into my hands after one 45-minute InDesign learning session. I constantly felt like I had ideas that would have made my projects better but didn’t know how to put them onto paper.

However, I did learn a lot throughout the course of the semester. I feel really good about my ability to look at something and see how the designer was thinking. So even if I couldn’t replicate it myself, I can at least see that.

My favorite project was definitely the magazine. It was the only project where I felt like I had an opportunity to work with a topic that I enjoyed. And this made me put forth more effort. My least favorite project was the logo project. I think it was really difficult to come up with something that defines yourself. Especially when we only had about 10 days to do so. In the real world, we would have months and months to come up with something to brand ourselves. It seemed unrealistic and harshly judged.

I would also change the schedule of the class slightly. I think removing the five class periods that we used to critique each other’s projects would benefit everyone. Instead, those class periods could be used as extra labs to help teach the programs to our class as a whole.


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