Musacchio – Final Post – 11

Even though I’m not a graphic design major, I’ve always been interested in graphic design and creating graphic art. I found this class and the projects to be an enjoyable and creative break from classes where tests and papers make up the majority of the curriculum. Even though this class was my most time consuming this semester, I took advantage of the opportunity to be creative and do something different. I’ve never used any of the Adobe programs before, but this class really gave me a handle on them and I’m looking forward to using them in the future. I also think about design principles in a different way and try to use them in my work instead of throwing something together that simply looks good, but has no thought or theory behind it. I had the most fun with the poster and magazine projects because they gave me a lot of freedom in terms of creativity, but I think the resume and logo projects will ultimately be the most useful. Before this class, I didn’t have a well-designed resume at all and I’ve already used it on various interviews. I’ve also been able to use my business card on a few different occasions since creating it for this class. So, I would have to say the resume and logo projects were my favorites since I will be able to use them over and over again. In the future, I would change the deadlines for each project. I don’t know if it was just this semester, but it seemed like we got a lot of time for the resume, logo and poster projects, but less for the magazine and interface, which were much more time consuming. It seemed like the last two projects were crammed in at the end. Overall, I found the projects diverse and the lectures enjoyable, making GRA 217 a solid class.


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