Ortman-Final Post-11

I enjoyed this class but as others have already mentioned, I found it very difficult and challenging. It was hard getting the hang of the programs in the beginning of the semester when my experience with them was slim to none. I felt pressured to keep up with each project being right after one another. I wish that more concentration was spent on using the Adobe programs during class than just talking about them. I am a visual learner, so using those programs would have been a lot easier for me if I physically saw certain concepts displayed step-by-step during class lectures. I did not find the lab sessions very useful so including Adobe tutorials during lecture would have made up for the lack of instruction in the lab sections. Besides my beginning difficulty with the computer programs used throughout the course, I enjoyed GRA 217 very much. Class lectures were light-hearted and easy to stay in tune to. I liked the learning atmosphere I was in and it made it easier to not get so frustrated with the projects as much because of it. The student examples displayed for each project during class really helped me with my own projects and how to go about them. My favorite project would have to be the magazine project. Even though it was very time consuming, it wrapped up all the concepts we had learned up to that point together. I want to be in creative advertising so this project allowed me to express myself and put my abilities to the test. Overall, I found the class enjoyable but the projects not so much.


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