Sadkowski – Final Post

I absolutely agree that this class was definitely the most frustrating and time-consuming of all my classes.  I think I’ve spent more hours in the CRM lab than in my own room this semester!  To be fair, I definitely believe I have learned a lot so I guess it was all worth it.  Learning the Adobe programs was something I’ve always wanted to do, but never knew how to go about learning.  Well, taking graphics I was pretty much forced to learn it by painful trial and error and just simply asking other students!  Lab is kind of dreary – it goes over basic elements, but I could be using that time to work on the projects.

I didn’t love the fact that we never really had a break – it was just assignment after assignment.  However, I have some really cool things to show for it, so I can’t be overly negative.  Now that I’ve submitted my Interface (and am still in CRM about to start my rationale), I feel like I can almost take a step back and breathe!

I really liked the magazine project.  I feel like that was the one project I wasn’t too restricted on, so I felt more connected with it.  Tomorrow we will get our grades back, so hopefully my dreams won’t be crushed and I’ll still be proud of it.  Just kidding! (Sort of..)

Overall, this class was tough, for sure.  Very different from all my other classes, and in a way refreshing.  But I’ve had my dosage of refreshments after this and am ready for textbooks again!  I enjoyed the class and I am glad I got to get to know some of my classmates really well as we cried together in the labs all night long.


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