Yellin – Final Post

This was definitely my hardest class in college to this point. I did more work for some of the projects in this class than I have for entire other classes. I do feel like I learned a lot from this class about graphics and semiotics and gestalt principles, I just wish there was an easier way to show how much I learned than by using these difficult programs. I did get better at using the Adobe programs as we went a long but it was pretty hard to keep up. I think my favorite project was the magazine and my least is probably this interface project (which is not going well at the moment). Classes were always entertaining, I enjoyed them a lot. I do have one suggestion, maybe if all of the professors did the same projects or lab instructors were familiar with each professors projects, there would be less confusion about specific executions. Unfortunately I can’t write any more, I have to go work the aforementioned interface project.



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