Dong-Final Post

After taking this, I see things that I’ve never noticed from print ad or any other design. I feel like I am even seeing grids on print Ad. I didn’t know you have to think and consider so many things and put them into a  limited space (and how much this limitation gives you headaches). And I think Resume project was definitely helpful because I think many people actually made unique and outstanding resume through that project, not that I am saying that was my favorite project. My favorite project was a magazine project. I like reading magazine and collecting them, though people think it’s the best way to waste my money. I loved because I had a chance to create my own magazine putting my favorite elements that I’ve thought while I was reading it and yet never had thought of making it my own. Best part of this course is that I actually learn how to use programs fairly enough to use it in real life. I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to utilize those programs as I did for this class, I’ll be able to if I have to. Because I, and everyone, struggled so much with those programs, I won’t forget what I’ve learnt in this course. One thing that I hope from this course is that I wish there are more help sessions that people can get help from it and having lab course together along with the class. Because lab course is separated and a group of people from other class makes harder for lab instructors to teach right skills for our individual project. All they can do is just giving a general information. And there was only one help session a week and the time schedule was very flexible it was kind of hard to go there. I actually had to contact the instructor to get extra help. Other than this, it was an amazing class, and I am glad that I learned something that would help me a lot in the future and from now.


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